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You may email Tech Support with any issues you may have. Emails are answered within 24 hours.

Before emailing please be sure you have read the requirement instructions in the User Manual.
Most problems stem from failure to meet requirements and are easily resolved by following instructions contained in the manual.

When running EP I get a "Side by Side" error.
This is caused by your PC missing the Visual C++ redistributable package. You may download it here Choose vc_redist.x64.exe for Operating Systems running on 64bit or vc_redist.x86.exe for 32bit Operating Systems.
I am using Windows Vista and even though I successfully activate my product, the next time I use EngravePro it tells me to register.
When using Windows Vista you must run the Register EngravePro application as the administrator. To do this RIGHT CLICK Register EngravePro from the Windows Start Menu in the EngravePro folder and select "Run as Administrator". You will now successfully activate the product.
"CorelDRAW® appears to either have not been installed or has not been used for the first time. CorelDRAW must be installed and run at least once prior to running EngravePro setup"
When CorelConfig tries to find the name of the last used workspace it returns a invalid name. Usually this is caused by the fact CorelDRAW® has not been installed yet OR CorelDRAW® was installed but had not been run for the first time. CorelDRAW® does not create the default workspace until it is run for the first time. To resolve the issue, install CorelDRAW® and run it at least once, then run the EngravePro setup.

"I get a 1607 error message when launching the installation."
You do not have sufficient administrative privileges on the machine you are installing EngravePro on.Using My Computer or Explorer navigate to the windows install directory, usually this is c:\winnt\installer or c:\windows\installer. If you cannot find the Installer folder it may be hidden on the system, in which case you can un-hide it by going to Tools->Folder Options from Windows Explorer. Then, choose the View tab, and choose the "Show hidden files and folders" radio button under Files and Folders\Hidden files and folders.

Once this is done, right-click the Installer folder, and choose properties. Go to the Security tab, and make sure that the system as well as the user name trying to run the installation has full control on this folder.

Now run the EngravePro setup again.

In Vista the text is being anti-aliased when creating barcodes in raster format.
Go into Control Panel and double click the System icon. Select the Advanced tab and click on the "Settings" button in the "Performance" section. Uncheck the "Smooth edges of screen fonts" option. The font will no longer be anti-aliased.

I don't want EngravePro to overwrite my workspace. How do I install EngravePro manually?
Read the Manual Installation Instructions:
Manual Install (PDF)

I installed EngravePro but clicking on the menu items doesn't do anything or there are no menu items, what's wrong?

First if the EngravePro menu is in fact in CorelDRAW but is greyed out or unresponsive if you click any of the menu items then more than likely Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is not installed. To see if VBA is installed you can click the tools menu, click Options, then find VBA under the workspace heading along the left hand side of the dialog box. If you are unable to locate the VBA heading or it is greyed out or it tells you it is not installed then it is not installed and you must rerun the CorelDRAW installation. Note that CorelDRAW no longer ships VBA with OEM or academic versions of CorelDRAW. If you have one of these versions you will be required to upgrade to a full retail version in order to utilize EngravePro from within CorelDRAW.

In some cases (for unknown reasons) EngravePro is unable to properly install itself in the menu bar in CorelDRAW. Re-run the installation to remove EngravePro and restore your workspace. Re-install EngravePro but when asked if you want to overwrite your workspace click "No". After installation completes follow the "Manual Installation" instructions above.

If you currently own a business that sells rotary, laser or printing supplies to the public, adding EngravePro to your product line makes sense. Download the Reseller Information Document for more information. Reseller Information